Standard for Public Code

Version history

Version 0.1.1

May 9th 2019: 🤔 the second draft fixes a few basic oversights and fixes a lot of typos

  • Removed references to the Foundation for Public Code, we’re going to have to change the name in becoming an association
  • Updated the introduction
  • Updated the glossary
  • Added the code of conduct
  • We’ve recommended using the publiccode.yml standard for easier reuse

Version 0.1.0

April 16th 2019: 🎉 the first draft is ready, it is all brand new and has snazzy new ideas in it

  • 14 criteria with their requirements and how to operationalize them
  • An introduction with a high level background, what this standard is, and how the Foundation for Public Code will use it

This first version was produced together with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and the City of Amsterdam as a part of the Smart Cities? Public Code! project.