Standard for Public Code



The printed Standard for Public Code is printed by Reclameland. This guide tries to provide the relevant information to print it there or somewhere else.

Details, mostly in order they are on the Reclameland page with the Dutch if necessary:

  • Form: Softcover book (Reclameland product page)
  • Format: A4
  • Portrait or landscape: Portrait (Staand)
  • Printing inside: 4/4 dual sided full color
  • Inside material: 90 grams biotop
  • Cover: 350 grams cover
  • Printing cover: 4/0 one sided full cover
  • Cover treatment: one sided matt foliated (Enke)
  • Pages: pages of the inside + 4 + x, where x is 0-3 so that the sum becomes a multiple of 4
  • Individually sealed: no

When these details are chosen, the cover and insides are uploaded and the order is placed payment can happen (payment ahead) after which printing starts.