Standard for Public Code


  1. Current work
  2. Near term
  3. Longer term


Last updated: 2024-01-02

This document intends to shed light on the current development plans of the team. Plans change constantly as new information is absorbed by the team.

Codebase stewards review the roadmap monthly as part of our backlog pruning session.

Current work

  • As far as possible, make the standard Standard-compliant
    • Obtain committed collaborating organizations

Near term

  • Separate executive summary (issue #302)
  • Possibly: add in the illustrations for each criterion

Longer term

  • Become an ISO standard, see notes from a community call
  • Add to README and information (and eventually statistics) on adoption and use (issue #438)
  • Becoming validated by multiple codebases
  • Release version 1.0.0 after a few codebases are compliant, see notes from a community call
  • Linkable requirements
  • New cover art
  • Register for ISBN
  • List with an on-demand book printing service
  • QR codes or mobile-friendly external links in print version
  • Add possibility to view older versions of the standard on the website, not only under the GitHub releases
  • Expert (external) review of accessibility